Reversing FallsReversing Falls
Reversing Falls

Montreal’s Reversing Falls got Jamie Thompson, formerly of the Unicorns, to drum on some songs. But not all! For a bunch, they trio’s sticking with the drum machine they’d lugged around live. Why not get him for the whole thing? Dunno! Lucky, it doesn’t sour the proceedings. For the record, the first time I listened through the record I didn’t even know about the drum machine and I didn’t notice.

The band’s more about the overpowering dynamism of the guitar work — lead, rhythm and bass included. They’re all propulsive leaders of the melody, never wanky, never boring. Singer Tyler Crawford mostly stays out of the way vocally, more part of the overall fabric than front and centre. He’s never met a line he didn’t want to repeat two or three times, but they all strike the right note: a touch disaffected with just enough plaintiveness to avoid getting whiny.

You can listen to all of Reversing Falls’ self-titled record at their Bandcamp page.