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City Hall
No More Patrick Moore
Why on earth did Regina’s sustainability conference hire a climate-science denier?

The Anti-Education Agenda

Conservative governments target future critics in the classroom

Miiyaashin, Gabriel Dumont Institute!

Black Swan Rising
Wuhan’s “Devil Virus” is more than an outbreak: it’s a threat to China’s regime

Science Matters
Transforming Transportation
E-buses and a federal funding boost could be climate lifesavers

Film Review: Birds of Prey
Now Joker-Free
It’s Harley Quinn Vs. Codependence In Another Weak DCU Film

Film Review: Sonic the Hedgehog
Viva Dr. Robotnick!
A retooled Sonic exceeds expectations (granted, they were low)

Film Review: Because We Are Girls
The Girls Next Door
Three sisters, an abusive cousin and the culture that enabled him

My Music
with Lily Langen

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BEST OF FOOD 2020  Nominate your favourite restaurants, cafes, bars and food folk!

From the January 30 issue:

Sacred Objects
Museum and university collections grapple with the legacy of Indigenous relics

Dictators And Outbreaks
Coronavirus: China’s medical people did their jobs; the political people didn’t

Science Matters
The No News Blues
Our global ecological crisis deserves a lot more media coverage than it gets

Winter Rocks (And I’m Not Talking About Curling)

Film -cover
Getting Up There
Michael Apted reflects on his seven-decade documentary series

Film Review – The Gentlemen
The League of Sub‑Average Gentlemen
Guy Ritchie’s new gangster rip-off is no Snatch

Film Review – Waves
Paradise Lost
Waves makes a strong case for free‑range children

Television Man
Episode 16: The Goodbye Place

My Music
with Karissa Hoffart

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