Best of Regina 2020

Every year, Prairie Dog asks our readers about their favourite Regina stuff. There are dozens of categories. From Best Burger to Best Veterinarian to Best Florist, we cover it all.

The polls have two rounds. First is the open nomination round. Anyone can nominate anyone in any category. The candidates with the most nominations move on to the second round, which is a multiple choice ballot. Prairie Dog does not pick and choose the nominees — it’s all up to our readers.

There are two polls every year. Best of Food takes place in spring, covering restaurants, cafés, pubs and food shops.  Best of Regina takes place in autumn and covers the arts, shopping and services, health, people and city life.

Thank you to all the amazing supporters who nominate and vote! We couldn’t do it without you. If you haven’t participated before, please consider joining in. It’s a lot of fun and it helps make Regina a better place.

ATTENTION BEST OF WINNERS: Every year, many Best of Regina winners get spammy e-mails from a company selling expensive and ugly Best Of Regina plaques. Showmark Media is not affiliated with Prairie Dog. Please contact us to get your free, official (much nicer) certificate: