Author: James Brotheridge

Hometown Hero Andy Shauf Returns

When Andy Shauf came back onto the stage for an encore, it was to big applause. Foot stomping, shouting, the whole bit. He played “Hometown Hero”, the first track off his latest album, The Bearer of Bad News, on his own, and...

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R.I.P. Robin Williams

The Hollywood Reporter has a statement from Marin County police about the death, which they’re treating as a suspected suicide. A W.T.F. with Marc Maron interview with Williams can’t sum up his impact or how beloved...

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Ranking the Films of Talkies

As Gregory “G-Beat” Beatty mentioned earlier on the Dog Blog, Talkies is here again. Tonight, Tuesday, July 29, Jayden Pfeifer and guest Credence McFadzean will be talking over, making fun of and generally trying to...

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Bazan With Strings Attached

Maybe you didn’t notice, but today is the day the new Prairie Dog hits stands. There’s a bunch of material you can read online, including our annual First Nations Report and a cover story by Dave Margoshes. Rad!...

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Today’s Best Stolen Bases

I looked around for videos of these two stolen bases and couldn’t find any. Luckily, it’s the fact that these happened at all that’s so wonderful. From You Can’t Predict Baseball’s Twitter feed:...

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