Leonardo Di Caprio has never interested me much as an actor. His inability to disappear in character bothers me. Di Caprio’s partnership with Martin Scorsese has introduced the greatest American director to the newer generations, but still has to deliver a classic (The Departed, you say? There are five better Scorsese-De Niro collaborations I could list).

That said, the first trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street looks awfully promising. Instead of a brainy drama (as most approach to the subject have been), The Wolf appears to be a portrait of undiluted debauchery, a mix of Caligula with… well, Wall Street. Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey are at hand for the proceedings and they seem genuinely unhinged.

If nothing else, The Wolf of Wall Street will become the first Martin Scorsese movie to feature midget-throwing. I want to see this now, alas, it won’t open until November 15th.