From CBC, late last night:

A new Canada-U.S. agreement on border security won’t jeopardize Canadian sovereignty, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday in Washington.

At the end of meetings with U.S. President Barack Obama, Harper said Canada’s sovereignty isn’t in question. “Our objective here is to make sure Canadians are safer and more secure.”

His comments came after he and Obama signed a deal that will lead to the two countries co-operating on ways to use technology to design a smarter border that remains open to trade and economic growth, but closed to security risks.

Too many unanswered questions. What are “outdated regulations that stifle trade and job creation”? What are “the steps Canada can take to strengthen intellectual property rights”? We need more information.

Everything hinges on the first sentence of this story. the Prime Minister says this border deal does not undermine Canadian sovereignty. What if that’s not true?