1 BUSH DIDN’T DO IT But he did fail to act. Just as he failed to act when Katrina hit New Orleans, and when the American housing market collapsed into mush and the economy tanked, &c. &c. &c. Which we, by the way, already knew.

2 HOW 9/11 MADE US SUCK NOW The National Post‘s Jonathan Kay word-barfed garbage sentences from his crap fingers about how 9/11 made us more sensible because we are now willing to bomb foreign countries for a full decade or something stupid like that.

3 PALATE CLEANSER Here’s Mother Jones on why leftists skewing hawkish since 9/11 is worrying, despite whatever a spoiled rich asshole who’s benefited from the last decade of Canada’s increased acceptance of a slimy brand of pro-war hoo-rahing and tacit dog-whistle racism might tell you, and also on what 9/11 totally failed to change.

4 THE FALLING MAN A long read, and not a new one, but a compelling piece about one of the most incredible and harrowing photos from Sept. 11, 2001.

5 NOT 9/11’D OUT YET? Now’s a good a time as any to revisit New York magazine’s 9/11 Encyclopedia, a comprehensive post-World Trade Center roundup.

6 OH YEAH, IT’S 2012 NOW The Harper Tories are far from transparent when it comes to defence spending, Chris Brown is a famous guy who beat his girlfriend and now possibly has a tattoo of a beaten woman, Toronto mayor Rob Ford continues to be one of those dudes who I can start a sentence with his name and then I say “– shit, hold on” and I have to pause to laugh, and – well, would you look at this – 9/11 memorials are being scaled back. Who’d have thunk it.