Venerable independent heavy metal label Hydra Head Records – along with, presumably, its imprints Tortuga Records and Hydra Head Noise Industries – is no more. According to a blog post by label head Aaron Turner, the New Mexico-based label will no longer issue new releases after December of this year, and will only stay open in order to sell its remaining back catalog and repay its “sizeable debts.”

Turner adds that the label is “initiating a massive sell-off of everything we can dig up and produce for the next 6-12 months. This will include discounted bundles of CDs/LPs/posters/etc, represses of certain titles for which we still have parts, test pressings, and whatever worthwhile items we can pull together.”

The webstore for the label – which was home to bands like Pelican, Big Business, and The Austerity Program – is here. And for those keeping score, that’s one more independent label down while the majors keep on truckin’.