“Science Or Sex: Which Does The Right Hate More?”

Oh, but conservatives hate BOTH ever so much. Must they choose?

Anyway, here’s this from Salon:

A principal in Onalaska, Wash., was accused of “raping” her fifth-grade students. Not actually — this isn’t a case of, you know, rape-rape but rather rape as an inappropriate metaphor: “rape” by sex ed. James Gilliland, the parent of an 11-year-old girl who took C.J. Gray’s class on the birds and the bees, told Seattle’s KING 5 News: “It’s basically the same as raping a kid’s mind and taking their innocence.” What got this father and other parents so fired up? In a recent lesson on HIV, Gray answered a student’s question about what oral sex and anal sex are. Onalaska superintendent Scott Fenter told KING 5, “She only gave factual information, no demonstrations.” Gray herself told Centralia, Wash.’s Chronicle, “It was very factual and it was dropped. I did not demonstrate it.” Yes, despite at least two parents likening her answering of kids’ questions to child molestation — and others inundating her with angry phone calls and letters — she did not actually demonstrate the act; there were no photos or videos, either. It was just a matter-of-fact explanation of the basic mechanics.

Yeah, whatever. Ignorant parents are encouraged to freak out and shield their children from facts thanks to a sick culture created by vicious, deranged conservative pundits. Nothing new here.

Although: “Onalaska”? Really? Nah, no place with a lame-parent sex-freakout controversy could be called that. Somebody’s shittin’ me.

*Technically, this headline is from yesterday. Anyway.