Tonight is the second edition of Jayden Pfeifer’s Talkies, a monthly event where he and a friend get up in front of an audience and laugh and make fun of a movie as it plays. (I posted some of my conversation with Pfeifer about it on the Dog Blog yesterday.)

The movie everyone’s invited to laugh at this time is Kick or Die, a 1987 American movie that, if IMDB can be believed, was shot in South Africa. More casting information, though, is where Pfeifer’s own critical opinions lie.

One example is more general, when I asked him what kinds of movies tend to wind up bad more often than others. He brought up science-fiction and fantasy. “[T]here are so many lame logical flaws and so many bad design choices that are made that really make them hard to watch,” says Pfeifer.

His pick for the worst movie he has seen doesn’t rest wholly in either of those genres.

“I think one of the worst movies I’ve seen in my life is M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water, which I saw in the theatre because like most Shyamalan movies the trailers are really good and that one totally tricked me.

“It was so bad that most of the audience was talking. The girl beside me pulled out her cell phone and was talking on it, and I didn’t even care. I didn’t even care. I was like, ‘Good, talk on your phone. Who even cares? It’s the worst piece of garbage I’ve ever seen.‘ Then I felt like I would rant and rave about it for months after I saw that movie. I was so angry about that movie, top to bottom.”

We’ll see if Pfeifer manages to top that in any future Talkies performances.

Talkies is happening tonight at 8 p.m. at the Creative City Centre.