1 SO THERE After a bit of waffling, the Sask. Party government has finally acknowledged that yes, marriage commissioners have to perform same-sex marriages.

2 YOU WOULDN’T LIKE THE LAPD WHEN THEY’RE ANGRY Some of Los Angeles’ police officers are miffed now that the LAPD is looking into the finances of their gang and narcotics officers. C’mon, guys: I’ve seen Training Day and know how this works.

3 OUT OF THE HOSPITAL, INTO A PRIVATE CLINIC Regina and Saskatoon health regions are trying to move certain day surgery procedures into private clinics to reduce wait times.

4 CONCORD IN SIGHT Concordia University has gone through a bunch of presidents in a short span of time, making for a turbulent atmosphere at one of largest universities. Their solution might come in the form of former president Frederick Lowy, who might be taking back his old job.

5 REGIS IS OUT Live with Regis and Kelly will be loosing its titular male cohost. Philbin will be retiring as soon as the summer, leaving a vacuum for America’s most prominent Albanian.

6 DANGER ZOO Everyone always jokes about the most dangerous game being man. OK, sure, hunting a dude down is probably pretty perilous. I would suggest, though, that going to this Argentinian zoo might sate your desire for thrills. Wanna get into the cage with a cheetah? A bear? A lion? Why not? Go fucking crazy – this zoo clearly already has.