BRAD WALL TALKS TOUGH So, Brad says we really don’t have to sell oil to the Americans if we don’t want to. Uh, Brad, that was the point of the National Energy Policy, right? And NAFTA was going to prevent another NEP … isn’t Brad Wall cute when he’s angry? (The Globe and Mail)

YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PRIORITIES, SASKATCHEWAN The Sask. Party government says Station 20 West wasn’t economically feasible, (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix) but says that a half-billion dollar domed stadium with a retractable roof and only one tenant with 10 guaranteed dates a year is an economic slam dunk (Leader-Post) …. Right.

A LOW BLOW Speaking of football, there’s some talk around the intertoobz that Eric Tillman (obligatory babysitter post courtesy Google) may be the Edmonton Eskimos’ next general manager. (Montreal Gazette) Whatever you say about hiring him, even Tillman couldn’t sink as low as releasing an offensive lineman whose wife underwent an emergency C-section the same day. (Vancouver Sun)

WONDER IF THEY’D DO THE SAME THING TO RESIDENTS OF FORT STRAIGHT A West Virginia Xbox user got locked out of his account because Bill Gates’ company thought his home town was a anti-gay slur. (CBS)

COURTS TO NATIONAL LAMPOON CEO: THAT’S NOT FUNNY, THAT’S SICK (AND ILLEGAL) The biggest surprise for me was this … National Lampoon is still publishing? (Huffington Post)

ATTENTION MOSAIC STADIUM EAST-SIDERS: This is how you insult a coach and his team. Recently, the head coach of MLS’s Kansas City Wizards was arrested on a drunk driving charge. Philadephia Union fans celebrated the coach’s arrest by singing ’99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall’ during the ENTIRE FREAKING GAME! (With Leather)