SNFU didn’t get top billing on today’s Pick of the Day?!!?!? Sorry Greg, but that is just wrong and I cannot let it stand.

These guys are serious music legends and tonight’s show at the Exchange (Chi Pig documentary at 8:30pm, bands to follow) is a must for all discerning patrons of the arts — I don’t care how “important” the film at the RPL is.

I’m pretty bummed I’ll be missing this, so if anyone reading catches the show, let me know how it turns out.

I’ve been going to SNFU gigs for a very long time. The first was in the late 80s at Edmonton’s fabled Polish Hall. The last was in 2005 when they played Ottawa as part of Alberta’s centennial celebrations.

Yep, in between gigs for Ian Tyson, Corb Lund and Gordie Johnson, some trickster had snuck an SNFU show (with Chix Diggit opening). You could almost forget all the Alberta Advantage cheerleading as you stomped around in the moshpit.

Anyway, while they’re not so well known outside certain sub-cultures here at home, I discovered how far their reach extends when I was in Norway. A guy I met there asked me where I was from. “Canada,” I said. “What city?” he asked. Now, normally, when I told people in Europe that I was from Edmonton, they either looked at me blankly or said something about the Oilers and how much they loved hockey.

Not this guy. “Edmonton? Ahhhh, SNFU!” he said, then bought me a beer.

SNFU has done a lot to redeem this country for all the Bryan Adamses and Celine Dions we’ve inflicted on the rest of the world. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

SNFU, as far as I’m concerned, is the first word in Canadian music and the last is SNFU.