Tweaks To Bus Routes Coming

Remember how excited we were when the city rolled out its new transit routes (complete with spiffy new schedules) in July? Well, send those schedules to the recycling bin because the city’s done some tweaks to most of the routes. They take effect Jan. 12 and will come with a brand new set of spiffy schedules.

You can preview the route changes here. None of them are massively dramatic (except for the Saturday route #3 University-Sherwood Estates), but changes to time points are involved and with the weather as cold as it’s been lately it’s nice to be able to time your bus use a smartly as possible.

On a related note, I wonder how many different bus schedules Regina Transit has had printed up over the last 25 years. When my parents lived in Victoria I used to visit them every summer along with my other siblings. For a good 15 years, whenever I wanted to to take the bus downtown, I’d pull out the old dog-eared transit booklet my mom and dad had to check arrival and departure times. Not once in that entire 15 year period was there a route change. It sure made taking the bus nice and convenient.

And on an unrelated note, the Globe Theatre has a press conference scheduled for Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. to unveil a major announcement related to its future in downtown Regina.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Tweaks To Bus Routes Coming”

  1. One irritating thing about Regina Transit is the maps. You need to either “know the routes you need”, or find the network map and figure them out and then collect the ones you need…. which is fine until you wanna go someplace you don’t go every day.
    The city should package all the routes and the network map in one booklet like Burlington Transit in Ontario does….. Burlington’s latest schedules and routes are kind of over-complex and confusing but man do they make nice Ride Guides to help you figure everything out. And one bonus is that when you get on a bus, they always have plenty of ’em, and just like that you are armed with the complete maps and schedules for the whole network.

  2. I hope Globe Theatre moves out of downtown. The downtown is increasing choked and impassable. The ongoing disaster that is the City Plaza and the traffic choke point that is two way 11th demands that for people to get to the theatre, the theatre needs to move to a more accessible location. Just as the movies did before it, once they were allowed to, the Globe needs to move to a nice place with parking. Maybe Vic Square Mall.

  3. The Globe belongs downtown, not in box-store hell. It is perfectly accessible by transit right now; close to places to go have a few wobbly pops afterward and then safely head home by bus.

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