Six In The Morning: A Cruel, Cruel World

6-in-the-morning1 UNDER INVESTIGATION A home in Boston was searched after the deadly bombing attacks killed three people and injured more than 150 at the Boston Marathon. But there is still no suspect and no leading theory/motive. Apparently, there were some people from Saskatchewan who took part n the race and who are telling their stories.

2 MAJOR EARTHQUAKE 40 people are dead after a 7.8 magnitude quake struck along the Iran-Pakistan border. It is Iran’s largest earthquake in 40 years.

3 “OUTCOMES” A report on how to improve education and employment opportunities for First Nations-Métis people in Saskatchewan was released yesterday. The task force had a number of recommendations including, “proclaim First Nations and Metis languages as the original languages of Saskatchewan”. Well, they are…

4 WILL THE PEDIATRIC ONCOLOGY UNIT AT THE PASQUA HOSPITAL BE MOVED TO THE GENERAL HOSPITAL? Parents and stakeholders do not want the small children’s cancer treatment centre to be moved to a larger pediatrics unit at the General. One reason is that they fear their children, who often have poor immune systems, could be exposed to other children with contagious illnesses. But the premier said he has not signed off on the proposal just yet.

5 BIEBER HEARTFELT OR JUST PLAIN STUPID? Over the weekend, the Biebes visited Ann Frank House in Amsterdam and left a comment in the guestbook that is sparking debate across the globe. “Hopefully she would have been a Belieber” was part of the Canadian pop singer’s entry. Now, the museum honouring the Jewish heroine is defending Bieber, in a round about way.

6 TRUDEAU ALREADY BEING SLAMMED Just a short time after the new Liberal leader was elected over the weekend, the Tories have already got their weapons out: attack ads. But Justin Trudeau doesn’t believe there is any sense in fighting dirty.

4 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: A Cruel, Cruel World”

  1. 6. If harp0 feels the threat of defeat coming in 2015, he’ll just prorouge parliament again & we won’t have any election.

  2. Since we are not geographically close to any of the middle east disasters, it doesn’t affect us much. I’m more concerned about a big quake hitting LA/Vancouver than on the border of Iran/Pakistan. Things like the Boston Bombing is a lot more closer to home then we care to admit.

    Belieber? C’mon Justin. Don’t be so foolish with Someone who didn’t survive the Holocaust.

    Trudeau already knew the Tories would start with negative campaigns. They did the same thing with Mulcair last year.

  3. We have a bit of a hard-on for identifying with disasters and attacks because having our personal security threatened gives us a bit of a charge, sometimes. Sometimes they’re just sickening tho, like Newtown.

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