I often hear people remark on the dearth of parking in downtown Regina and, frankly, they usually sound pretty desperate. They say things like: “There’s not enough parking!”, “We need more parking!”, and “I can’t find a parking spot anywhere!”

Well, apparently some of these eloquent individuals have taken matters into their own hands. They’ve taken a fresh look at City Square and have come to the logical conclusion that this public space can also double as a convenient, centrally located spot to park one’s automobile. I took these pics (as proof!) on Friday evening as a friend and I passed through the square en route to a real parking lot. Why didn’t these guerilla parkers do the same? Probably because they wanted to illustrate for us a central issue around parking in Regina: Everyone wants a spot, but no one wants to pay. But, as so many of us have found out over the years, when it comes to parking in the Queen City, one way or the other, someone always pays.