What we think about when we think about Saskatoon: Bridges, green-roofed barns, warehouses, the Shelley-Western parking lot, the St. Louis Blues, the Saturday afternoon blues jam, jam, Meewasin Valley, Friendship Park, Dr. Seeger-Wheeler Park, Silverwood Heights, Christie’s Mayfair Bakery, Nutana Bakery, Doukhobor Bread, the Northern Pikes, the Northern Lights, traffic lights, Traffic Bridge, Penguin Park, Clarence Ave., Jason Wolfe in a pirate shirt (ca. 1991), samosas in Sutherland, catchy dance-pop music.

One of these days, we’re going to have to do a feature on Saskatoon’s We Were Lovers in prairie dog. Nudge, nudge. Hint, hint.

mp3: “Partners in Crime” by We Were Lovers