Anyone need some Monday morning coffee? We’ve got a contest running over on our Facebook page to win a couple bags of premium beans. The story: I buy coffee a couple times a day. Financial planners warn you against this. Financial planner David Bach, who owns the registered trademark “Latte Factor”, points out that the money you spend on things like coffee adds up over the years — and if you invested some of that cash instead of drinking it you could become rich. I have a counter-proposal: buy coffee every day and keep the change. Do this for a few years. Count it, roll it and deposit it. Use it to pay off your credit card, which you recently used to buy a fancy camera. Invest nothing. Drink coffee.

(Optional: take some pictures of snakes with that camera. Post them on your magazine’s blog, thus confusing your enemies.)

Before I rolled it, I a took a photo of my coffee change. On Friday, Terry (Morash, our publisher) posted the picture on our Facebook page. Guess how much change is in those six jars, and you could win coffee. Delicious, delicious coffee.

That is all.