Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan Winner!

Poster (ghost towns)About three weeks ago we ran a contest for a  Ghost Towns of Saskatchewan poster by former Prairie Dog art director Nigel Hood. Nigel’s gorgeous print, made by Saskatoon’s Hard Pressed, is comprised of logos for real-live, er, dead, Saskatchewan ghost towns — the logos commemorate and celebrate these lost places. It is very, very beautiful.

(You can read more about The Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan here.)

To win a poster, Prairie Dog readers had to explain why they deserved it (because I wasn’t going to give this beautiful thing away to some contest-junkie who could’t care less about art and Saskatchewan). By the deadline, we had 32-ish entries. All of them deserved to win. Even Barb Saylor’s!

But there can be only one champion, and to I bet no one’s surprise, I picked Nigel’s high school art teacher, Tammie. Here’s what she wrote.

Her last line clinched it: “Art matters! Art is magic! And yes, you can make a living by creating Art!”

That’s something kids need to hear.

For the sad, sad people who didn’t win: good news! We’re selling these posters, and you can e-mail me for information.

Look for a second PD Ghost Towns contest later this year. I bet Planet S will give a poster away at some point this fall, too.

ICYMI: Roy Romanow’s Government Secretly Explored Joining The U.S.

From CBC:

Former Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow said he was glad he had a plan in case Quebec separated from Canada and is even happier he didn’t have to use it. Romanow told CBC News this morning that he set up a secret team of Saskatchewan officials to consider the possibility that the Prairie province might leave Canada in the event of a “Yes” win in Quebec’s sovereignty referendum in 1995.

“The mandate was, just sit down, blue sky what you think all the options are; the pros and the cons and let’s talk about this, in case the vote goes the wrong way,” he said. “Happily, it went the right way.”

More here. I guess I’m glad governments plan for contingencies. I think. Wonder what big, secret things Brad Wall’s government plans for? Hopefully there’s something going on for Saskatchewan getting wrecked by global warming…

Wall Can’t Say “Gay” In Question Period

Well, that certainly blew up, no help from us…

In question period on Wednesday, NDP leader, Cam Broten, asked Premier Wall if his government would consider providing information to schools through their website about Gay Straight Alliances. Wall said his government would keep that in mind when forming their anti-bullying policy then he wandered off on a tangent about not wanting to risk infringing on religious freedom.

We reported on this Wednesday night.

And apparently, we weren’t the only people to find Wall’s comments disturbing because Broten followed up in question period yesterday with more questions for Wall.

The controversy is even being followed in “the real media” (and incidentally, it was through the Twitter feeds of a couple reporters in the real media, Murray Mandryk and Stefani Langenegger, that I first heard about Wall’s comments) and Wall is having to defend himself to the Leader Post.

And it’s worth noting that Broten’s concerns aren’t just over the way Wall seems to be trying to shift a debate about passively providing information about Gay Straight Alliances on a website — a measure I would describe as trivial, innocuous and, frankly, inadequate — to a one about religious freedom. He also pressed the government on the fact that their anti-bullying press release on the Day of Pink at no point made mention of homophobia.

As Broten pointed out to the Leader Post, “the premier has trouble saying ‘gay’ in question period, it sounds like.”

Anyway, thought it would be helpful to see what exactly Wall and Broten actually said in question period yesterday so I’ll include a transcript of their most recent exchange after the fold and you can make up your own mind about what the hell is going through Wall’s head. Obviously, I have some thoughts on the subject, but apparently I’m a partisan hack just for fukken noticing that this is happening.

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Wall’s Concerns Over Gay-Straight Alliances And Religious Schools

Today was the Day Of Pink, the international day against bullying and discrimination. Not surprisingly the subject of bullying and what can be done about it came up in question period in the Saskatchewan legislature. And there was an interesting exchange between NDP MLA Cam Broten and the Premier.

Broten pressed Wall about gay-straight alliances in schools. He pointed out that these groups can be a helpful tool to stop the harassment of GLBT youth. Then he asked if the government would do more to provide information about them to schools.

Wall said that he wouldn’t rule anything out and that he’d happily take advice from the opposition, but then he added this:

There are some other issues in provinces that we’ve noted and I think we need to explore those issues with respect to the alliances. And I think specifically of religious schools that are operating in the province today, not just Christian schools. We have to be concerned, and I hope the member is concerned about the protection of freedom of religion as well. Mr. Speaker, that’s very much a part of the sentiment that we support, expressed today in the House.

How odd. Premier Wall certainly seems to be suggesting that providing information about gay-straight alliances to schools could somehow conflict with religious freedom.

If that was what he was getting at, I not only find the notion ridiculous, I’m damn confused as to why he even felt the need to bring it up.

After the break, Broten and Wall’s complete exchange.

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Any Truth To The Rumour?

TigerlilyIt’s not like we’re ground zero for all the nutjobs out there who offer us the scoop on some big news story they’ve somehow become privy to. But it does happen occasionally and some of the “leads” we get from aspiring Deep Throats are doozies. Still, we can’t automatically dismiss them either because sometimes…

I don’t know if this is one of those times, but the other day we got an e-mail with an attached photo showing a group of people at a local steakhouse. The sender recounted how they’d been out for dinner last weekend and ended up next to a table of Conservative and Sask. Party powerbrokers. The blurred photo they took with their smart phone was surreptitious But the snippets of conversation they overheard were just part of the normal restaurant environment. So it’s not like they were eavesdropping when they heard the group, fueled by their disdain with the Wall government’s centrist stance on most issues, discussing the idea of establishing a rival conservative party in Saskatchewan a là Wildrose in Alberta.

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