When in Saskatoon, dine at one of our fine street vendor stands.

At the corner of 21st and 2nd Ave., you will find delicious jumbo dogs like this one. The best part: home made corn relish. This stuff takes me back to the farm in a magical way. Friggin delicious.

Is there such a vendor in the core of Regina?

Author: Toontown Rat

He is a long time Saskatoon resident and moderately important cog in the machinery of Prairie Dog's little sister, Planet S Magazine.

3 thoughts on “Yum!”

  1. There’s nothing original in the core of Regina. Or outer-core, for that matter. Originality is too cool for school, maaan…

  2. I’ll have to read that link. Regulation is tricky. On the one hand, it’s absolutely needed to make the food we consume safer. On the other hand, when regulation is brainless, it screws up, for example, the ability of farmer’s markets to sell, say, homemade pies. Then there’s issues like legalizing the sale of raw milk, which is a good topic to start a bar brawl with. And I remember once in the ’90s there was a brief push to ban unpasteurized cheeses, which basically would’ve made most cheeses illegal.

    Glad I’m not in charge of food safety. Seems like a tough job.

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