Yukon Blonde

Like Blue Rodeo, this B.C.-based pop rock band also released a protest song in advance of the 2015 federal election. It was done in collaboration with the Newfoundland indie rock band Hey, Rosetta! and was called “Land You Love.”

Prior to that single, Yukon Blonde had released their third full-length album (to go along with two EPs) called On Blonde in June. On Tuesday Feb. 16 Yukon Blonde will be in town to play a show at the Exchange. The back-up act is an experimental American pop band called ON AN ON who are touring in support of their 2015 sophomore album And The Wave Has Two Sides, and tickets on the Exchange website are listed at $18 advance.

Here’s the latest single off Yukon Blonde’s new album called “I Want to be Your Man”

Author: Gregory Beatty

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