Your Tuesday Dose Of Homeopathy

I’m learning that in certain quarters it’s not considered proper to take a swipe — however limp — at a magical “medical” practice.

Wow. If those people think I’m harsh, I wonder how they’ll handle a little Mitchell and Webb?

Author: Paul Dechene

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5 thoughts on “Your Tuesday Dose Of Homeopathy”

  1. Although I can’t find the clip right now, I do love the Peep Show bit where they’re at a play but lamenting that they could be at home watching Heat on DVD. And although I am a fan of the arts just as much as the next artsy nerd, Heat on DVD is (at times) infinitely better than some plays…

    (I am not sure if Dan MacRae trolls these comments or not, however I know he could for sure back me up on the aforementioned Peep Show clip)

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