As a slew of polls close down, here are a few links to check out.

BOO BUSH The New York Times looks at some exit polls and finds something you could’ve guessed:

As expected, Democrats were far more likely to blame Mr. Bush for the country’s problems. Republicans were more likely to blame Mr. Obama for the economic woes.

But independent voters — a key group — said they, too, believed Mr. Bush deserved more of the blame for the country’s woes, suggesting that Mr. Obama’s arguments have been more successful.

IN OTHER EXIT POLL NEWS POLITICO is reporting that 52 per cent of those surveyed said Mitt’s policies would “favor the rich and just 2 percent who said Romney’s policies would favor the poor.”

SWING SWING The Atlantic has a tidy little post giving you all the details you need on the nine states that will decide this race.

MAPS! COOL! Public radio station WNYC has a really cool map. Play with it!

A CNN projection just came down that Republicans are going to keep the house. We’re down at O’Hanlon’s right now, crying into our Harps. We’ll check back in later.