You Think The Snake Just Dreams Up The Poison In His Head

Calgary-based grumpaloo white guy/talk show host Dave Rutherford has spent the last two decades on Alberta’s Corus radio stations, flinging verbal poo at people he doesn’t like, which, generally, has been people not as white, as male, as rich or as grouchy as he is. And it made a few bucks for advertisers in Alberta, and was a big enough platform for the guy, possessing no other apparent qualifications than just bitching into a microphone, to consider running for mayor against incumbent Naheed Nenshi.

The problem is, however, that when you fling the same, ill-researched, inflammatory, and unfair invective against your bosses … well, things have this way of going wrong. And people took this guy seriously? Looks as if the joke is now on Rutherford … and the people who were once his listeners.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

4 thoughts on “You Think The Snake Just Dreams Up The Poison In His Head”

  1. Despite everything you say and think about the guy, he was right in this case. Corus should be ashamed of themselves for not keeping the Calgary news/talk station on the air, even if it meant taking over one of their fm stations for wall to wall local coverage.

  2. I agree Anon. During an emergency situation — especially one with the risk of power outages — many people turn to radio to keep themselves informed. In speaking out against his employer, Rutherford demonstrated that his loyalty was to his listeners, not to the station. For all I disagree with his politics, that’s an admirable quality. And from what I read, Rutherford didn’t disagree with Corus in an overly harsh or unprofessional manner. By taking him of the air for this, Corus has doubled down on their stupidity. If I actually listened to or watched any Corus stations, I’d strongly consider participating in a boycott. As it stands, the best I can do is participate in the public shaming:

    Boo Corus!

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