1 I GUESS REGINA’S NOT ALONE The idea of saving buildings creating neighborhoods isn’t going over very well in Toronto either.

2 I DON’T UNDERSTAND HUMANS The headline of the year, courtesy the Daily Mail.

3 I DON’T UNDERSTAND HUMANS PART DUH I don’t know how much York University professor Jack Granatstein got paid for this tripe in the Globe and Mail, but there’s a bigger cost to whatever credibility he had as a military historian. That is, if he had any credibility to lose. And while we’re on the subject, why is the Norwegian government estimating that its 50 F-35s will cost $40 billion (Canadian) over the planes’ 30 year lifespan while the Canadian government insists that they will cost $16 to $25 billion – when we’re buying more planes?

4 AWWW, THAT’S A SHAME. A coalition of private radio stations are ganging up on the CBC for its free music service. Well, intercourse you, especially you Golden West Radio – your radio stations never play the music that the CBC makes available. So they’re not competing with you.

5 REMEMBER THE SASKATCHEWAN FILM INDUSTRY? Hard Core Logo 2, filmed in Regina and Watrous, is getting its premiere. Brad Wall can’t mae it … he has to wash his hair.

6 MURRAY AND WILL, YOU’RE ON TO SOMETHING Lost in prairie dog’s blanket coverage of the government’s destruction of the Saskatchewan film industry is that the Wall government has made a couple of other dumb decisions – basically derailing Tourism Saskatchewan for no good reason (apart for political vengeance) and cutting the Western Development Museum. There no longer seems to be rhyme or reason for the Sask. Party government’s economic direction, except pure spite.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN – Let’s be honest. Given that this is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic, isn’t this the most appropriate song? No, not Celine Dion, it’s Flash and the Pan, with Down Among The Dead Men.