You Expect A Six In The A.M. From Rosie Every Week? Slavedrivers …

1 I GUESS REGINA’S NOT ALONE The idea of saving buildings creating neighborhoods isn’t going over very well in Toronto either.

2 I DON’T UNDERSTAND HUMANS The headline of the year, courtesy the Daily Mail.

3 I DON’T UNDERSTAND HUMANS PART DUH I don’t know how much York University professor Jack Granatstein got paid for this tripe in the Globe and Mail, but there’s a bigger cost to whatever credibility he had as a military historian. That is, if he had any credibility to lose. And while we’re on the subject, why is the Norwegian government estimating that its 50 F-35s will cost $40 billion (Canadian) over the planes’ 30 year lifespan while the Canadian government insists that they will cost $16 to $25 billion – when we’re buying more planes?

4 AWWW, THAT’S A SHAME. A coalition of private radio stations are ganging up on the CBC for its free music service. Well, intercourse you, especially you Golden West Radio – your radio stations never play the music that the CBC makes available. So they’re not competing with you.

5 REMEMBER THE SASKATCHEWAN FILM INDUSTRY? Hard Core Logo 2, filmed in Regina and Watrous, is getting its premiere. Brad Wall can’t mae it … he has to wash his hair.

6 MURRAY AND WILL, YOU’RE ON TO SOMETHING Lost in prairie dog’s blanket coverage of the government’s destruction of the Saskatchewan film industry is that the Wall government has made a couple of other dumb decisions – basically derailing Tourism Saskatchewan for no good reason (apart for political vengeance) and cutting the Western Development Museum. There no longer seems to be rhyme or reason for the Sask. Party government’s economic direction, except pure spite.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN – Let’s be honest. Given that this is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic, isn’t this the most appropriate song? No, not Celine Dion, it’s Flash and the Pan, with Down Among The Dead Men.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

12 thoughts on “You Expect A Six In The A.M. From Rosie Every Week? Slavedrivers …”

  1. As to Titanic-appropriate music, you could sit through Gavin Bryars’s overrated “The Sinking of the Titanic”, made up of sound effects and violinists dolefully repeating phrases from “Amazing Grace” or skating all around the melody of “Nearer, My God, To Thee” for 24-plus minutes, OR you could listen to the Third Sea Interlude, “Moonlight”, from Benjamin Britten’s opera “Peter Grimes”, which is both tranquil and somewhat menacing, like a clear night with icebergs — and it’s shorter by about 19 minutes.

  2. Gavin Bryars’ “The Sinking Of The Titanic” OVERRATED?

    (proceeds to look for Barb Saylor voodoo doll and his 3/8 inch cordless drill …)

  3. Yes, overrated. Britten does more in 5 minutes than Bryars does in his sprawling opus. I’m not a fan of indeterminism; I’m more Philip Glass than John Cage.

  4. The gloves are off.

    It’s one thing to note my errors in spelling and grammar. But when you mock who I regard as one of the previous century’s finest composers …




  5. Boy, things are slow after an issue of PD comes out!
    It’s not that I haven’t listened to “The Sinking of the Titanic” in the hope that it would grow on me; I honestly wanted to like it, but no luck. Now, if you want to discuss “Jesus’ Blood never Failed me Yet”, that’s a deeply moving work.

  6. You’re correct on the ‘Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet’ score — not the one that was done about a decade later where for some strange reason Tom Waits dueted with the London street person.

    But The Sinking of The Titanic score is deeply moving in its own way. And the song Bryars uses in the performance isn’t Nearer My God To Thee, but the Episcopial hymn, Autum, which according to most Titanic historians, was the song the ship’s band played as the Titanic sank.

  7. There’s been a lot of fascinating speculation and research and discussion about the last tune played as the Titanic sank. “Autumn” is not a hymn, Episcopalian or otherwise, but a tune to which a hymn might be sung, as “Crimond” is a tune used for “The Lord is My Shepherd”. It’s possible that “Autumn” was a reporter’s mishearing of “Aughton”, which is also a tune to which various hymns could be sung (“He Leadeth Me” being one). It’s also possible that the last tune was a waltz, “Songe d’Automne”, which makes the most sense to me because the whole idea of playing music while the lifeboats loaded was to keep up morale, and because the song was in the band’s repertoire. Also, it’s highly unlikely that Harold Bride, the wireless operator who apparently gave us the “Autumn” reference, would have named a hymn by its setting rather than its first-line title.
    It’s my understanding that Bryars used elements of “Aughton” in his composition; sacred music conventions being what they are, there are suggestions in these elements that resemble either “Propior Deo” or “Bethany”, two of three tunes commonly used for “Nearer, My God, To Thee”.

    I agree about Tom Waits: the old chap who sang the original lines was much more effective. It seems to be a hallmark of Gavin Bryars, though, that he keeps rethinking and re-engineering his compositions, so at one point he must have thought that the later mix was preferable.

  8. CBC’s music service is all independent artists.
    All commercial radio sucks.

    5. I’m sure you meant make,
    how did Barb miss that?

  9. Random aside, but boy do the people on the two covers above for PD and Planet S look excited!

  10. Not a fan of this video, but I liked some of the old titanic footage.

    1) Saving old buildings issues to make way for new bigger buildings are nothing new in any North American city.
    2) Agreed…whoopdeedoo!
    3) Enough of F-35’s. Find another less costly/controversial fighter jet. We don’t need the same thing happening with the aging F-18’s as what is going on with the Sea King helicopters.
    4) So the CBC is special and the other competing broadcasters are not. I sense jealousy on their part. No wonder they are doing this.
    5) I tried watching the trailer, couldn’t stand it. Sorry, just my take.
    6) Western Development Museum? Stephen Larose says cut? Murray Mandryk says funding freeze? Who of who is more accurate? I’d say Murray is. There was no cuts made to WDM. Only no increased funding to what the WDM already gets.

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