You Annoy Me, Wascana Park

Me and publisher Terry Morash are finalizing this fall’s Best Of Regina categories today. We’re deciding which ones to keep, what we can add and most of all how to stop Wascana Park from winning everything¬†it’s remotely eligible for.

Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Under last year’s City Loving category Wascana Park won almost everything. “Best Place To Meet A Sexy Someone”, “Best Place For A First Date”, “Best Place To Propose Marriage”, “Best Place To Break Up”, “Best Couple Activity (Besides That)” and “Best Public Spit-Swappin’ Spot”.

Wascana Park didn’t win “Best Place To Get Condoms”. “Good thing it doesn’t sell condoms,” said Morash.

Half our ideas die because we’re scared Wascana Park will hijack the category and make Best Of Regina boring. “How about “Best Place To See A Wild Animal?” I suggest. “Wascana Park,” says Morash. “Best Place To Take Your Kids?” I offer. “Wascana Park,” Morash says . “Best Place To Punch A Goose”? “Wascana Park, and anyway you like geese, Whitworth.” “Oh yeah.”

This might go on for hours. Stupid Wascana Park and it’s stupid world-class splendour.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

12 thoughts on “You Annoy Me, Wascana Park”

  1. I do love the PD’s “Best of Regina” series, but to be honest there is a lot of questions. I have lived in the city for 31 years and I struggle with giving answers to half of them. Perhaps people aren’t answering with the best answer, but instead are simply filling in the blank.

    My suggestion? Break it into smaller surverys, like what you have done with your “Best of Food” and “Best of Drink”.

  2. Joanna: I’m sure that will happen, though I don’t want to do more than three of these a year. We’re aiming for 80-100 categories. People only need to answer 25 to be eligible for whatever the awesome prize is. No one completes the whole thing–it would be impossible.

  3. The problem is not that Wascana Park wins everything, as much as Wascana Park has no real competition in the categories in the Best of Regina.

    You can always try the category “Best place to find poop.” It would be a contest between WP, the sewage treatment plant, the Legislature, certain talk-radio programs…

  4. Maybe it’s not so much that Wascana Park is that good but that the rest of the city is that bad …

  5. Oooh, except that the Best Place To Take Your Kids would clearly be the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

    Although to get technical here, the Science Centre is *in* Wascana Centre, so I guess you are correct on that one after all…. Darn it all!

  6. #7 Snare roll cymbal smack.

    Wascana Park generally, is a shit mess.
    Fn joggers on the road going against the traffic flow. Jog on the lawn you takers up of my cycling space.

  7. I’ve been bored of the “Best of…” series for years. The same places always win, and a lot of the winners are suspiciously located near the PD office downtown. I don’t know if this is because the only people who vote work at the ‘Dog, or if it’s because when people see “Best Burger” they think “hm, Burger Baron always wins this…. yep, I’ll say that because I don’t want anyone to know I eat at McDonald’s”, or maybe people just have trouble remembering things other than who won last time, but the whole thing has gotten kind of boring and has too many categories now. Also the online form won’t let you nominate any fewer than, I forget, 25 entries? Damned if I have the attention span for that when I really only care about 6 or 10.
    I think the idea is a good one but the format of it could use revising: pare it back down to just one “best of” instead of two, and have two stages: a nomination stage where people can make nominations in as few or as many categories as they want, and then a VOTING stage where people select from the top three or four nominees, again allowing people to vote for as many or as few as they like.

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