Me and publisher Terry Morash are finalizing this fall’s Best Of Regina categories today. We’re deciding which ones to keep, what we can add and most of all how to stop Wascana Park from winning everything¬†it’s remotely eligible for.

Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Under last year’s City Loving category Wascana Park won almost everything. “Best Place To Meet A Sexy Someone”, “Best Place For A First Date”, “Best Place To Propose Marriage”, “Best Place To Break Up”, “Best Couple Activity (Besides That)” and “Best Public Spit-Swappin’ Spot”.

Wascana Park didn’t win “Best Place To Get Condoms”. “Good thing it doesn’t sell condoms,” said Morash.

Half our ideas die because we’re scared Wascana Park will hijack the category and make Best Of Regina boring. “How about “Best Place To See A Wild Animal?” I suggest. “Wascana Park,” says Morash. “Best Place To Take Your Kids?” I offer. “Wascana Park,” Morash says . “Best Place To Punch A Goose”? “Wascana Park, and anyway you like geese, Whitworth.” “Oh yeah.”

This might go on for hours. Stupid Wascana Park and it’s stupid world-class splendour.