I alluded to this in the comments to an earlier post… after years of being auto-free, my family has recently purchased a car. (Actually, it’s in my wife’s name so that technically I can still claim to have never owned a car in my entire life.)

What inspired the purchase? Well, if you must know, my wife is pregnant (due in December) and so that she doesn’t have to bike to work through the winter (as she usually does), and so that she doesn’t have to trust transit to get her to the early-morning class she’s teaching, and so that we can get to the hospital at a moment’s notice if the need arises nearer the due date, we figured it was sensible to put our car-hating ways aside for a time.

The rusty, carbon-spewing beast we now own was purchased off one of my wife’s colleagues who is on sabbatical this year. We’ve a handshake agreement that he’ll buy it back in the spring. So, hopefully, by May we’ll be car free once again.

But, in the interim, I’m wondering where we should go with the thing? See, yesterday we were driving back from the hardware store and I noticed a building that claims to offer a Hungarian buffet and karaoke. “What the hell??” I said. “Hungarian buffet and karaoke. We so have to go there.”

And that’s when my wife pointed out that there are probably all sorts of far-flung gems like that in Regina that we’ve never been to because they’re beyond our usual walking range. And, she noted, seeing as I’ve access to a blog, I could mob-source the finding out of where some of those gems are.

Great idea.

So, dog blog readers, can you help me out? What awesome Regina stuff should I be driving to? Are there any must-see nooks and crannies to this city that I’ve been missing? The more off-the-beaten-path the better. (And “beaten path” for me means Cathedral and downtown.) And don’t not mention something because you figure, “Oh, everybody knows about that.” We’ve only lived here three years and there’s still a lot of the city we haven’t seen.

UPDATE: I needed to get some anchors to hang shelves in my living room, so on the recommendation of Collette, I went to check out Peavey Mart. The pic I took from my trip is above. Read the comments to find out how it went.