Yep, They Went There

The first line from the Leader-Post‘s piece on a recent cougar citing near Wascana Lake:

“Regina’s bar district isn’t the only place known for cougar sightings anymore.”

I hope they’re working off a checklist, and that they’ll awkwardly try to shoehorn in a reference to MILFs sometime soon.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

5 thoughts on “Yep, They Went There”

  1. I noticed this questionable lead in sentence this morning and contacted the author about it…got an interesting answer in response! My head has been throughly “scratched” and my eyes raised.

  2. I thought Cougars were vicious animals who took down zebras and elephants?

    What a confusing scenario this is.

    If we had a cougar problem in the Bar District, Pamela should have done the right thing and called ‘animal control’

  3. She basically stated that there is a TV show called, Cougar Town…therefor, it is justifiable for her to use that term in a news-related article.

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