Canada’s gay and lesbian newspaper has an interview with same-sex rights advocate George Takei. And you want to read it! Snip:

You want to minimize being too much this or that, so you were certainly not going to be open about that part of yourself and thus you play the role of the heterosexual and you live a double life. You go to parties and premiere with a very dear “girlfriend” but then you’re going to bars on the down low. When you’re out of course you run into acting colleagues but we were cool and we pretended not to see each other. I’m of that generation where we were very, very closeted and we played a role in our private life just like we did in front of the camera or on stage.

The full interview is here. I promise it’ll be warmer, fuzzier and generally more fun to read than, say, this story about Gambia’s president being a homophobic ass.