Women In City Government Workshop

Received a call from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities yesterday giving me a heads up about this weekend’s workshop that will help women who are wanting to run for office in this October’s municipal election.

From the press release they sent me:

While women make up over 52 per cent of the Canadian population, only 25 per cent of the country’s elected municipal representatives are female. Canada ranks 42nd out of 189 countries for the number of women in politics.

The workshop is one in a series that FCM is offering in municipalities across the country with funding from Status of Women Canada (SWC). The workshops provide instruction, networking, and mentorship opportunities to women interested in running for municipal office. Women who already serve on municipal councils are involved in the workshops wherever possible, and provide a mentorship role.

Currently, out of 10 councillors, only two are women — one shy of the United Nation’s target of having a minimum of 30 per cent female participation in government. However, we have a pretty good slate of female candidates who’ve declared already. For the mayor’s spot, there’s Liz Brass and Marian Donnelly. In Ward 1, there’s Barbara Young. In Ward 2, there’s Heather McIntyre (and incumbent Jocelyn Hutchinson, if she chooses to run again). In Ward 3, there’s Susan Birley and Shirley Dixon. In Ward 4, there’s Tina Beaudry-Mellor. In Ward 6, there’s Sarah Etter. In Ward 7, we have incumbent Sharron Bryce (who hasn’t, as far as I know, announced if she will be running again). In Ward 9, there’s Nicole Sarauer and Dawn Thomas. That’s nine declared candidates out of 27 which comes to 33.3 per cent. Not bad.

For more information on the Women in Local Government program, go to the FCM’s website.

The Regina workshop will be held July 28 and 29 from 9am to 4pm in the Darlene Hincks committee room in city hall. The registration fee is $30 and as far as I can tell you can still sign up at the FCM website.

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

10 thoughts on “Women In City Government Workshop”

  1. Please spell Marian Donnelly’s name correctly; it’s only courteous.
    I hope that some of these candidates move from Twitter to a proper election campaign website before too long.

  2. #2 oohh that might stick…lol

    #1 your’e right. Tweeting and fecebook, are very limiting to getting one’s message out to the public.

    If I was running, I’d be dropping propoganda leaflet’s from a rented hot-air balloon today!

  3. Have you see how expensive hot air is though, when put into large balloons, Ron? Not to mention the litter.

    I do feel guilty a bit about skewing the gender target away from the happy medium, but when I win Ward 1 I’ll be tackling another balance problem that Barb can’t solve, and that’s a Council that’s been too old to represent the new vitality in Regina the past few years.

  4. A continually-updated list of all Council and Mayoral candidates is at:

    ReginaElection.com has links to everything election: campaign websites, twitter, facebook; how to run in the election; election trivia.

    This site is my contribution to help increase voter turnout past the dismal 25% level of 2009.

  5. @John: well, using your logic, Conrad Hewitt would be the one for voters to choose. Just saying….

  6. Barb, people could have too much of a young thing. It wasn’t so much logic, as it was a joke. I’d still sufficiently improve the age average regardless.

    Speaking of such things, anyone know if Regina has had any Councillors in their twenties before?

  7. #6 you didn’t put down Mr. Fougere’s board position on Enterprise Saskatchewan, ( whatever that does for us )?

  8. It’s a joke that Marian Donnelly is running for mayor. I know her for years. She is lack of strategic business skills and people skills, but has a big appetite for power. I know a large group of artists and art enthusiasts will support her. But we need to be realistic. She has a narrow vision and is anti-business which are not good qualities to be a mayor for our growing Regina.

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