WOLFCOP VOTE Prairie Dog (1)I’ve blogged about this before, but for the past six months or so a local group of filmmakers have been taking part in an on-line competition sponsored by an organization called CineCoup. At stake is a million dollar prize to help make their proposed film, and a commitment from Cineplex to screen the film in its theatres in 2014.

At the start of the competition 90 or so teams were in the running. Now, that number has been whittled to ten. And the Regina group, whose project is a horror action flick about a werewolf cop called WolfCop, are still in the running. May 30-June 2 another round of voting will be held to reduce the number of potential candidates to five.

You can find out more about the contest (and see trailers for all ten finalists) by clicking on the links in this Dog Blog post.