Wolf Cop Advances To Final Fifteen

Wolf CopHere’s a link to a post I did last week on a crowd-sourced movie-making contest that’s underway in Canada. At the start, there were 90 film-making teams in the running to win a million dollars to help finance a film project and have it screened in Canadian theatres.

It’s crowd-sourced because in the initial rounds how teams advance is by having people view the trailers they’ve made and then vote on their favourites.

A local project called Wolf Cop survived the first two rounds of cuts. Last weekend the number of survivors was whittled from 40 to 15, and Wolf Cop survived that round too. So now it’s on to the round of 15.

If I understand the sponsor’s process, there’s no “social voting” in the next round. Instead the list will be sliced from 15 to 10 in-house. There’s more social voting after that, I think. But not until the final 10 are declared on May 13.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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