3 thoughts on “Windpocalypse 2: 11th Avenue”

  1. The SGI tower was only built in 1979, but it’s too big a building to have been built in Regina, and no matter how they build the foundation, this would happen anyway.
    Years ago, everyone knew about the gumbo. There were ads reminding people to adjust their telepoles because of the shifting round…recently, I had a landlord who had never heard of telepoles and was surprised to find that the supports in his own basement were adjustable. It’s a kind of clay bed regina is built on. It shifts and moves, and every basement and every foundation cracks over time, that’s why we have no antiquated buildings in usable condition, just facades of old buildings, because they all crumble over time. That’s why our real estate prices were so low for so … long, and why they will go back down again soon now that the newcomers, who paid way too much for their houses, find out about it and realize they got screwed.

  2. I don’t really have much to add except that I was also using the term “Windpocalypse” today after venturing outside on afternoon coffee break. Also “Windmageddon” and “Wind of Days.”

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