Win Tickets To Fan Expo Regina!

Deanna TroiHey! Prairie Dog is ridiculously pleased to be giving away tickets to this weekend’s Fan Expo Regina! You can win one of four pairs of Sunday passes over on our Facebook page!  But if that’s not enough for you, we’ve saved our best ticket packages for Dog Blog readers!

Here’s what we’re giving away:

ONE (1) SATURDAY FAMILY PACK! Day passes for two adults; two children and VIP seating VIP seating at The Walking Dead IronE Singleton Q&A Panel

ONE (1) SUNDAY FAMILY PACK! Sunday day passes for two adults; two children and VIP seating at Star Wars RayPark Q&A Panel!


That’s a total of FOUR (4) prizes for FOUR (4) lucky winners! Woo!

Want to win one of these three prizes? Make up a Regina superhero or supervillain! Describe them to us in the comments — their name, costume and powers! Also, tell us which prize package you’re entering for! We’ll pick four winners at random.


Contest closes at 3:30. GO!

UPDATE: I will e-mail winners (at the e-mail address you logged in with) after 3:30. PLEASE be ready to e-mail me back ASAP!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

22 thoughts on “Win Tickets To Fan Expo Regina!”

  1. Hello,

    My 14 yr old daughter would love this. And she would be much better at creating a superhero or villain.

    I’m going to use her Furry as my superhero for Regina.

    Zeera is her name. She is a wolf. Her power is finding other animals in need and helping them.

    I would love Saturday tickets as she is busy on Sunday for a school play.
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  2. I’d like to meet Developer Man, the hero who will save the city, maybe, sometime a few years from now, in exchange for tax breaks. (I have reason to suspect that his alter ego is a city council member.)

    A family pack for Sunday would be neat.

  3. Regina needs the Compost Crusader! A superhero dressed in time travelling eco-fabric who can use his powers of lightning speed to go back in time and deliver curbside compost bins to all our homes a decade earlier. Although just getting them today would be pretty heroic too.
    My sons and I would love to spend Star Wars Day with the Stormtroopers with the Sunday Family Pack!

  4. Hmm… Here’s my idea for Regina’s supervillain:

    THE SPRAWL!! Exposed to toxic matter during an explosion at the local waste water plant, mild mannered Neil Taylor gains the ability to transform himself into an amorphous blob at will. Now, driven mad with anger and vengeance, The Sprawl set it’s sights on absorbing everything in its path as it moves outward. You can run but you’ll never avoid the ravenous appetite of THE SPRAWL!!

    I’m crossing my fingers for a Saturday pass.

  5. Shocking. He is a super villain. He has electricity run through his body. He would take over Saskatchewan and control the power company and the world. I would love to win the family pass.

  6. Regina Supervillian: Cold Man!
    He blocks out the Sun’s warmth and turns everything cold and…
    Oh, wait, he’s called Old Man Winter…

    Regina Superhero: Summer Man!
    Powers: Gives warmth and Suntans.
    Problem: Is rarely seen, often goes away to his home planet before September 21st.

    I’d love the weekend pass.

  7. My super hero is Pil-Man. This superhero is dressed all in Green and White and gets his super powers from drinking his favorite beverage of choice Pilsner. Unlinke Popeye though this superhero has the ability to be ten feet tall and bullet-proof and frequently uses his uncanny verbal attack on his enemies to beat them into submission. The enemies he takes on are the evil Blue and Gold Bango Pickers, Red and Black Horses-Arses, Orange and Black Wanna Kings Of The Jungle, Yellow and Black Smelly Cats, Green and Yellow Smoes, Blue and White Sinking Ships plus a few others that need no mention. That there is the one and only Regina superhero!!!

  8. Hero: The Prairie Dog Whisperer
    Costume: Brown crushed velvet onesie with a giant ground squirrel emblem on their chest
    Powers: The ability to speak telepathically to burrowing rodents, digest grass, and the ability to predict the beginning of spring 51% of the time accurately

  9. In a quiet corner of the Queen City, a mild mannered citizen by the name of Richardson G. Squirrel goes about his business. Unassuming and somewhat squeaky of voice, when evil is afoot he transforms into PRAIRIE DOG MAN, feerless defender of the weak, exposer of overspending and so-so restaurant critc. His super powers include his Penetrating Insight and Local Knowledge, but his main weapon is his mighty Pen of Venom, which he wields without mercy. If temporarily disarmed, he has been known to revert to his primative namesake and gnaw upon the ankles of his enemies. Reflecting his varied interstests and disdain for any fashion sense, his costume features wheat-coloured (buff) spandex yoga pants (pilled, because his thighs rub together), an “I’m A Wiener” T-shirt, snowmobile goggles and a cape with the letters PG twined about with the multi-coloured City of Regina mobius loop logo.

    I’d like the Weekend pass, please.

  10. Villian: High Rent man
    he is a villian that is able to increase the rent without any notice whenever he wants.
    he dresses up in a high end suit and carries a briefcase.

  11. Regina’s greatest supervillain is Ultra Hipster Man! He lurks around the Artful Dodger and the patio at O’Hanlons. He dons a plaid, v-neck t-shirt which shows off his chest tattoo of thick brimmed glasses. His skinny jeans are crowdfunded. He has the power to dismiss your favorite bands as sell outs and choose the perfect filter for instagram photos.


  12. I’ll e-mail winners (at the e-mail address you logged in with) after 3:30. PLEASE be ready to e-mail me back ASAP!

  13. Empty-Recycling-Bin Man – He travels the city emptying recycle bins the city has failed to empty on their proper day. He also cleans up all the street garbage the city can’t be bothered to clear during spring cleanup. He’s not the hero our city wants, but he’s the hero our city needs.

  14. Super Condescending-Man
    = costume – no frills = jeans and a dark dress shirt!
    = powers – Condescending to the 9th power!

  15. It seems that a one sided super character is not enough, rather, a hybrid super hero/villain is the order of the day………this entity has the power to transcend from hero to arch villain in a single bound !!

    He would be called Bizzaro Mayor….and his ability to bumble through leading his charges as they make bad decisions is rivaled by his seemingly unwavering boosterism.

    When confronted by the citizens, he erupts in pugilistic pugnacity, and when he is threatened by the evil Developosiris, he transforms into a mild mannered matinee idol.

    His uncanny ability to swoon the masses with his confident coiffeurs, is unsurpassed, and his churlish rebuttals of the Novakian is to behold…..

    In his splendiferous Mayoral Necklace , he leaps back and forth…….

    All this, should garner me the Saturday Fam Pack……..

  16. I’d have picked Ultra Hipster Man myself. “His skinny jeans are crowdfunded.” Too good!

  17. ALLAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!! E-mail me your secret, true identity by eight of someone else gets it!

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