Why Hair Matters

Elsewhere on the Dog Blog, debate rages as to whether or not it’s fair to poke fun or criticize the hairstyles of public figures, specifically in regard to one hockey-haired hizzoner, the mayor of mullet, Party-in-the-Back Pat, etc.

Turns out the CBC’s Washington Bureau, Neil Macdonald, has been entertaining similar thoughts. Macdonald’s targets, however, are much more egregious mane offenders: the comb-overs of GOP presidential candidates. A sample:

Does Newt Gingrich, PhD, imagine somewhere in that famously esoteric mind of his that nobody notices? Does he look at himself in the mirror in the morning and reassure himself that he’s fooled Mother Nature?

Is that how a president should think?

Go read the whole thing here.

Author: Emmet Matheson

Saskatchewan Diaspora

4 thoughts on “Why Hair Matters”

  1. A politician’s hairstyle makes absolutely no difference to me, so knock yourselves out, folks. The exception is a distinctive cut of mustache, which, for obvious reasons, would be (in my books) strictly verboten.

  2. Did Hitler have a little Howard Hughes moustache? I must be losing it…I can’t believe I have to look this up. Wait, no, I remember, duh, the Charley Chaplin thing, aka, the landing strip.

  3. Off-topic here, but a lot of dudes who grew moustaches for Movember actually looked incredibly distinguished an brutally handsome in doing so. It’s a shame they consider it just a lil seasonal whim.

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