It’s “Indigo Joseph”! Really, you can just call them Indigo Joseph, though.

Indigo Joseph are a Regina band, so Regina in fact that I guess Transit decided to put them on a schedule.

(Previously seen when Whitworth dug their cover of “Psycho Killer” at the Regina Folk Festival that they did with folks from Library Voices and Rah Rah. So there’s that.)

“We’re on a bus schedule??” said band member Etienne Fletcher when I messaged him about it.

He wasn’t super surprised by the sounds of it. The band had asked Regina Transit if they could play a song and film an interview with on a city bus, and Transit agreed, getting so excited about it they sent along their own photographers. And then Transit went ahead and threw them on the Campus Express schedule, probably because they’re all young looking guys.

That’s how you get a Facebook message from me: by winding up on a bus schedule without knowing about it.

Not all of the guys pictured here are Regina boys today, though. The fellow on the right is Kelly Molnar, and he had to leave the band recently since he’s going to school somewhere other than Regina. (Kelly, along with a couple of other dudes from the band, is an old high school classmate of mine and I wish him all the best.) Regardless, Indigo have an EP they’re releasing sometime soon. Watch their page for updates.

Check out after the jump to watch that interview and performance.