Friday afternoons are normally a time for cute animal videos around the prairie dog office. It’s been a long, long week and there’s no better way to unwind than a kitty that seems to think it can pay its bills online or whatever Stephen Whitworth normally posts on here.

I think this story from the Guardian might be the opposite of a cute animal video. In brief, Ukraine has huge numbers of stray dogs, a problem as they’re set to host the Euro 2012 soccer championship. You wouldn’t want one of the pups to run out on the field and Air Bud around, showing up all the players in the process.

To avoid that specific problem,

[thousands] of stray dogs have been killed in Ukraine over the past year –- often poisoned or injected with illegal substances in an effort to clear the streets before the championship takes place in June –- outraging local and international animal protection groups.

The country’s environment ministry is understandably upset about the whole thing, telling mayors to build shelters for the dogs or, at the very least, sterilize the dogs then let them go. Just stop with all the killing.

A pretty terrible situation. Still, there are certainly worse places to hold a soccer tournament.