Which Is The Better Segel?

Every Jason Segel is wonderful. Every Jason Segel is a gem, a little gift of charm he’s giving to the world. But no will pretend that all Jason Segels are made equal.

In the first half of 2012, the actor/writer has a couple of projects coming up. First, in March — although Lord knows when or if it’ll make it to Regina — is Jeff Who Lives at Home, an independent feature written and directed by the Duplass Brothers. Segel costars with Ed Helms. Susan Sarandon, Judy Greer, and Katie Aselton round out the cast.

Segel teamed up again with his script partner from The Muppers, Nicholas Stoller, to write The Five-Year Engagement, a rom-com out in April. The cast runs pretty deep with talent: Allison Brie, Chris Pratt, Kevin Hart, Chris Parnell, and Mindy Kaling all star, along with Emily Blunt as Segel’s better half in the movie.

Segel’s proven that he can make funny and honest comedies about relationships with his screenwriting debut, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so there’s little reason to doubt that The Five-Year Engagement will at least be funny. He’s also great at playing pathetic sad sacks, a real plus for Jeff Who Lives at Home. Comparing the two isn’t really fair — they’re two very different kinds of movies — but that’s never stopped the internet before. I’m wondering which Segel will be the better one. Feel free to form your own opinions on the matter.

Check out the trailers for both after the jump.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

6 thoughts on “Which Is The Better Segel?”

  1. Urban Dictionary (of slang) defines “mupper” as an open-handed slap to the vagina.

  2. Shameless.. Uk version YT it.

    Daily Zen suggestions:

    I’ll be vague w/ both, on purpose.

    Say Chance band.

    Kelly Rosenthal.

    They are needed at the RFF!

    Or anywhere Regina.

    The Wholf said the other day that the ” Rival Sons”,aren’t coming to town on this tour… who FFFFFFFF’ed up on that 1?

    They played winterpeg on Sat the 28th..

    Harvard mgmt suuucccockkkk&assss but because they wouldn’t recognize a the difference between a rock and a pebble.

    Regina gets to still be void of any real scene after 37 years( between them and raw al co ) of them in control of what They think of what Regina’s music radio audience should be able to see live.

    Taylor field coulda been a contender waaayy before the Stones showed up.

    It’s called lack of foresight.

    Still the prevailent realm at our city council level.

    Is MMA legal in SK? Ask yer MLA.

    slackers are those that can’t respect time.
    (c) Rj

  3. piss… z 28 used to play good music, now they are just part of the 1 hit wonder /American Idolizing / un-rememberable video club.
    Hey as long as they are 40 musicians worthy of being at a MM or Kids choice “music” award, ( they know everything ), z 28 is still legitish, but hardly street.F they ( z 24 ), are barely on the avenue.

    YT: Miila and the Geeks ” cigaretts and water”.

    Q’s answered later

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