It’s September 26 and despite promises by Westgate Properties that demolition would begin today, the mighty Plains Hotel still stands.

I took the picture at left at about 9 am this morning.

And there was nobody there. The construction fence (which will go up inside the recently erected wooden hoarding) hasn’t been put up and there aren’t even guys inside the building pulling out windows or anything.

Man, I got up early hoping for explosions and sledgehammers and whatnot (though, for the record, the plan is to bring the building down with backhoes, not dynamite). Instead I get silence.

UPDATE: Just called Silverado Demolition and apparently there are guys in the building. They’re tearing out windows and doing preliminary work.

Hunh. I totally poked around the site and didn’t see anything. (I was there from 9 to about 9:30.) No trucks parked outside or anything. Well, that’ll teach me to trust my eyes.