Probably the best way to monitor the situation in Libya right now is through Twitter. I’m currently following the #Rixos feed on Twitter, named for the hotel where the Qaddafi government had holed up the western press. This afternoon, Tripoli time, the rebels made a breakthrough in the defense lines around the city and are now about to seize the capital. The problem is though, that no one has heard from the western correspondents in the Rixos for the past couple of hours (posting this just after 3 p.m. Regina time on 21 August). The last twitter feed said they were getting their flak jackets on, as government soldiers had raised the green flag of Qaddafi’s forces over the hotel, drawing attacks from the rebels. As well, the hotel staff and Qaddafi’s press minders/secret police had fled the hotel.

Doesn’t sound good. Keep track of it through here.