It’s no big surprise, but it is a bit of pleasant news. Joss Whedon will be returning to the Marvel Universe as writer/director of the sequel to The Avengers. That’s awesome. He took what could’ve been a clusterfuck and made a wonderfully-fun movie out of it.

Prairie dog film reviewer Jorge Ignacio Castillo had nice things to say about Whedon’s work in his review of the movie:

Kudos to writer/director/geek god Joss Whedon for going beyond simple personality issues to explain the tensions within the group. Half of the Avengers like structure and find sense in following orders, while the other half has had their very existences threatened by authority.

In other Avengers-related news, ComicsAlliance is wondering whether Marvel Studios is trying to get control of major baddie Galactus from Fox, who have the film rights to the character along with a lot of others related to the Fantastic Four.