Editor’s note: this post has been updated as I have been advised some readers considered it hateful towards our esteemed Conservative friends in rural Saskatchewan. Prairie dog regrets the hurt caused by the original, insensitive version of this entry.

Well here’s a surprise: The agriculture minister says farmers don’t get to vote on Wheat Board demonopolization because they already voted. Snip:

While the law requires a vote when adding or subtracting commodities that the board handles, Ritz says changing the entire Wheat Board Act is at the discretion of Parliament.

Oh yeah?

Ritz says farmers endorsed an end to the monopoly when they voted in a majority Conservative government in last month’s election.

I guess so then. More here.

I’ll let experts worry about the Canadian Wheat Board though I’ll extend genuine sympathy to farmers who didn’t vote Conservative whose livelihoods are at risk as the end of the CWB’s monopoly looms. Sucks.

But there are bound to be some farmers who voted Tory who are complaining opposed to the Tory policy in this area. To those whiners respected citizens who certainly have a right to vote however they please, I offer a hearty ‘I don’t care’ my deep concern. What did you think would happen, anyway? You got your way. Everyone with a brain knew this would happen.

Because of rural Saskatchewan, the rest of us have to put up with nonsense like the end of the per-vote subsidy, multigazillion-dollar fighter planes, the repeal of the long-gun registry and forthcoming, sure-to-hurt-like-hell $4 billion spending cuts. Not to  mention ongoing loony-toons religious crap like Brad Trost’s defunding attacks on Planned Parenthood. we all get to eat healthy, delicious food. Thank you, rural Sask friends!

So suck it up like the rest of us, Tory hicksticks If rural Saskatchewan citizens who support the Conservatives and with whom I respectfully disagree on some issues pertaining to politics. You got your way. Live with it. are upset over the end of the CWB’s monopoly, we should all understand.

I hope that’s helpful.