Coldest Night of the Year

How’d the Regina band Coldest Night of the Year get their name? Singer/guitarist Chris “Tiny” Matchett explains.

“Number one, I’m a huge Bruce Cockburn fan, and that’s the title of one of my favourite songs by him,” says Matchett. “But there’s also that whole Saskatchewan thing where, even if it’s not the coldest night of the year— it could be the middle of July, it’s in the back of your mind.

“What are the words from Game of Thrones? ‘Winter’s coming.'”

Yeah, Matchett’s a big fan of the fantasy series. “I was introduced to it through the show, but I’m borrowing all my buddy’s books and I’m reading through them now. It’s amazing. I love it a lot. It’s great mind-candy.”

Does he think his band would ever do a Game of Thrones-themed album? “I don’t know if we’ve got the chops for that kind of rock-opera.”

Coldest Night of the Year are playing tonight at the Artful Dodger. Saskatoon band the Young Benjamins open the show.