Or what’s in my copy, at least.

When the local instrumental-trio the Lazy MKs went about putting together the album art for their first full-length, Where We Bin, it occurred to them to have it reflect an important place to them: their jam space.

Band member Chris Prpich owns Buy the Book, the Cathedral Area’s used book shop, a space that he shares with his dad’s sports memorabilia business. For a long time, the basement was unfinished, until Prpich, with the help of his band mates, fixed it up into a top-notch jam space.

So the store, which you can see throughout the album art, is Lazy MKs Ground Zero.

“We do so many things out of that place,” says Prpich. “So many times we’ll just go in there and get ready to go out of town and lugging all the stuff up and everyone’s talking with my dad. We’ve got piles of amps and instruments and shit, in the aisles and stuff, just being there. Loading up the van in front of the shop.

“That’s our take-off point. It’s very much part of everything that we do. Coming back late at night. It’s two o’clock and you’re unloading, dragging all that shit downstairs, then spending the next three hours there having a drink.”

Part of the album art – the rest of which you’ll have to buy to see – is an envelope filled with what you see above. Prpich confirms that the sports cards were provided by his dad, and that everything there is something that you might find around the store.

The Lazy MKs’ album release is tonight down at the Artesian. It promises to be a big production, one that you won’t see again in Regina. You can find more details on the Facebook event page. Also, take a peak at the story I did on the band for this issue of the prairie dog.