Today I went to Zam Zam Wraps in the Cornwall Centre — for the first time ever! — for some take-out. My grilled falafel wrap was great. Its secret weapons included hot sauce AND hot peppers, plus all the usual falafel wrap stuff like onions, lettuce,¬†tomatoes, turnips, hummous and tzatziki.

This falafel has a distinctive flavour, too. I want different places to make falafel with different spices and textures. Zam Zam’s had more Middle Eastern-y spices and was mushier than, say, the crunchier, less spicy Pita Queen falafels. Vive the difference.

A bonus was a side of vine leaf wrapped rice, better known as dolmas. I ordered three on the side and got two extra ones for being a shiny new customer. All were savagely devoured.

Zam Zam is on the upper level of the Cornwall but it’s not in the food court. You’ll spot it if you look up and to the left when you walk in the main entrance. It’s also pricey — my lunch was $15 so I won’t be doing this every day. And they could use some more menu items. If they ever get anything with fish, I’ll be back until I’m bankrupt.