The Toronto Star’s Heather Mallick is taking part this weekend in something called a ‘slut walk’ in Toronto, in protest to something dumb said by a Toronto police officer who was guest lecturing at York University’s Osgood Hall law school. The officer in question said that women who dress a certain way deserve the attention they receive – from wolf whistles to sexual assault (the officer subsequently apologized).

Aside from that sexist bull, what constitutes dressing provocatively? That’s a question Mallick doesn’t even try to answer in her column, because – correctly, she says there isn’t an answer. People see what they want to see when women dress – whether they’re wearing bikinis, sweats, the latest in high society fashion or a hockey jersey and mom jeans? The point is, I guess, that attacks on women will happen no matter what women dress up in, even if they dress up like Wonder Woman. (Daily Mail) as long as there are insecure male bullies who think they can get away with it.