First of all, here’s a couple (Grantland) of good articles (Los Angeles Times) about Anthony Calvillo, who just broke the all-time passing yardage record for professional football during yesterday’s Als-Argos game in Montreal. One expects a little condescention when you see Amerian sports journalists talking about the CFL, but in reality, who has had the better career and the better life? Calvillo, or, say, Ryan Leaf (Where Have You Gone, Ryan Leaf) or Todd Marinovich? (Esquire) ESPN’s Chris Berman also gives him a shout-out.

Secondly, here’s one of the best pieces of journalism I’ve read in a long time. In January 2006, London housing officials found the body of a young woman who had been dead for three years before anyone had noticed. How could someone just disappear off the face of the earth like that? The Guardian’s Carol Mosley talks about the long and difficult struggle to find out who this woman was.

A Chicago blogster tells the story of her daughter, who’s more into Star Wars action figures than Barbies, paid the price for it at her school, and her adventures at a convention for young geeks in Seattle. (Portrait of an Adoption)

Last but not least, The Winnipeg Free Press takes a look at the life and death of ex-Pat Rick Rypien.