What Is Michael Ball Going To Be When He Grows Up? If He Grows Up?

You get the Roughriders to a couple of Grey Cups — okay you don’t win, but still — and you get a breakfast cereal named after you in Saskatchewan. (NewsTalk 980)

Win one Grey Cup (one of only three in the club’s 100 year history) and you become the butt of jokes (Rod Pedersen) for some schlub (Wolf 104.9)¬†who’s the walking advertisement for every other Regina radio station’s morning show.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

41 thoughts on “What Is Michael Ball Going To Be When He Grows Up? If He Grows Up?”

  1. Really? Funny how Rider fans can be called “banjo-picking in-breds” by the Blue Bombers and we just laugh at it (because it’s a joke, people) but heaven forbid we poke fun at another team or player and suddenly evwebuddy’s iddy biddy widdle feewings are hurt. Gimme a break.

    And the Darian Durant cereal has nothing to do with this. “Dario’s” (along with “Fantuz Flakes” and “All-Dressler” chips) is just good marketing , and also proceeds are going to charity (the Children’s Hospital). Good on the Riders and Co-ops for doing this.

  2. It was a harmless joke people. No one died. If Ballsy’s weak attempt at humour can get people THIS riled up, then we truly live in a sad world.

  3. Really? That was constructive. Happy to be the third person to view your website since this article went up. You guys are getting hits like crazy.

    Jump on board now. Come on. Get behind the heat of our hard work on The Wolf. Enjoy the free advertising. You talk about Ballsy’s need to “grow up” and you tag the article with “douchebaggery”. Casting stones from glass houses I see.

  4. We listen to the Wolf’s morning show and Ballsy’s rants because that’s what they are; he’s ranting his own OPINION. You don’t have to like or agree with what he says…he’ll be the first to tell you that. And douchbaggery? Really? Are you just a little jealous that you don’t have an awesome marketing department like the Riders organization to get a chocolate bar named after you?

  5. I love Ballsy..he rants because that is part of his job…a little humor people please, or has the flooding washed that away too VIVA LA BALLSY…(that kinda sounded wrong….) :D

  6. So Ballsy has a job that allows him to stay at the mental age of 14 and a half forever. That’s progress …

  7. well i dont think ballsy needed to be called a douchebag, i can see where not everyone likes him and his opinion. that being said if you dont like it, turn it off. someone must like him, hes been there forever.

  8. Does this guy even understand sports media? ESPN/TSN has created a multibillion dollar industry off of this sort of thing. It’s why we tune into sports talk radio, it’s why free agency was implemented. Hey Stephen, Ballsy doesn’t need to change, he’s carved himself a pretty good career. You on the other hand, you wrote a 25 word blog on the Prairie Dog. Probably in your sweet studio apartment.

  9. Stephen, judging by the way your wrote this “blog”, you aren’t far off from 14 either. Give Ballsy a break.

  10. Whatever Happened to a thing called “Freedom of speech”? Ballsy Can say whatever he wants and shouldn`t be judged for it!! If you don`t like what he has to say “DON`T LISTEN”, Pretty Simple! Why Can`t People Find something better to do in there lives?
    Just for reference here is the deffinition for freedom of speech: Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship, The right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right…
    So unless you are not human, GROW UP!!

  11. I like that sask chick. people really do need to grow up. apparently they have boring lives!

  12. Don’t assume that being Wolf listeners makes anyone a music fan.

    And Sask_Chick, freedom of speech means Ballsy can say whatever he wants, but it also means anyone else can judge him for it if they want.

    I have no problem with Ballsy’s joke other than that it was just not funny. Kerry Joseph’s team won…what the hell is he upset about?

  13. I think that if Michael Ball grows up he will be a critic of… Everything? He may not be very good at it because he just doesn’t like anything, other than his own family, of course.

  14. I have to give Ballsy credit for saying things that most of us are too afraid to say most times. The breakfast show on the Wolf is there to get people stirred up. Good, bad or who the hell cares, it is better then the redundant monotone sounds slithering out of the other radio stations around. I disagree a lot with Ballsy, that does not mean I will tune him out any time soon. I’ll just call or text him with my own thoughts. I don’t have to be rude to get my point across either. Go for it Ballsy! Go Riders!

  15. I dion’t think it matters what he says on the radio because you can just turn it off if you don’t like him…however, that joke played on the loudspeaker at Taylor Field on Sunday for everyone to hear, including Kerry Joseph. At the time we all commented on it also, thinking that it was kind of awkward to play it when the guy is right there…..

  16. Where to begin?

    Yappy little terriers like Michael Ball are just one of the reasons I haven’t listened to corporate radio in years. It’s not like this is an isolated incident: the guy was shooting his mouth off before his brain had a chance to stop him back in 2003, and I’m sure it’s not gotten any better.

    I’ve already exercised my right not to listen, but – and I think this is a salient point here – people at a football game are stuck listening to what’s put over a P.A. system. So, a person can go into the stadium having made a decision not to put up with the banality of local corporate radio in their day-to-day lives, and still have to hear something as decidedly tepid and unfunny as the “joke” was.

    Really, compared to various things he’s vomited out in fits of pique and poor decision, what he said really wasn’t that bad. His real crime is being unfunny, constantly and consistently (again, my reference comes from the period leading up to the fall of 2003, when the combination of “Ballsy” and a neverending stream of Nickelback and the like solidified my decision to Never Look Back).

    Free Speech might be a great thing to constantly hide behind, and it’s valid, but I’d much prefer it if Mr. Ball exercised his right to just think for a minute before he speaks.

  17. I’m often surprised by the posts that get people worked up. This is one of those “oftens”.

  18. Out of curiosity, did any commentators (not to mention the blogger behind this post) hear the actual joke at the stadium?

  19. I heard it. It came on just around the time KJ plunged in from the one for a touchdown to put the final nail in the coffin. I actually mentioned to my friend that Joseph was getting the last laugh.

  20. When you throw a stick into a pack of dogs — or in this case, wolves — the ones who howl are the ones you’ve hit.

  21. Oh yeah, so they did. Well, commentator Jason implied it more than said it. Sorry for inattentiveness, I was just skimming the comments.

  22. I can’t believe anyone dedicated any of their time to talk about a guy named ‘Ballsey’, weird. I don’t know which is worse, yell-talk radio or talking about the Riders incessantly. Isn’t anything else going on in Saskatchewan? I have nothing against sports or yell-talk radio, everyone is allowed to make their own choices but really, is that all we have going for us?

  23. “Pack of wolves”? Oh….. I get it. Because we’re the Wolf. Right. A nice little bow on top of everything. Well done.

  24. Wasn’t Gnadsy defending Joseph by pointing out how unjust his treatment was? Anyway, you’ll never change the passive listening habits of 1000s of Regina office workers. Zed/Q92/Wolf 4 lyfe.

  25. Say what you will about Ballsy, he’s still the one “mental 14-and-a-half-year-old” everyone at the office can get behind.

  26. Kerry Joseph deserves credit for being one of only three Rider QBs to lead the team to a Grey Cup title. But he never would’ve won in 2007 without Kent Austin as head coach. That’s why the Riders wouldn’t meet his contract demand after Austin resigned to be offensive coordinator at Mississippi State.

  27. I remember “Chad McDonald of the Wolf”! Probably one of Ingmar Bergman’s most misunderstood films.

  28. Wow Brett. You’re so indie and artsy for throwing that name out there. Congrats!

  29. “Chad McDonald of the Wolf” was the name of this movie I saw at a bachelor party about 20 years ago … dunno where Bergman came into it.

  30. Kerry joesph should worry about football rather act like a pro instead of being a crying bitch

  31. I can’t believe the argument which has emerged here over a dumb joke about a dumb joke.

  32. It was a harmless joke, Chad. I thought an entire argument in this thread was predicated upon supposed overreaction to a joke. I’m sorry to have gotten your dander up.

    And as I am this city’s most respected gadfly and bon vivant, everything I say and write is at the epicentre of witty parlay. Please bear this in mind when addressing me in future correspondence. I demand that all spats are polished and monocle frames are Brassoed for typing in gentlemanly discourse.

  33. Having said this, it is rather amusing that all of this time has been expended in reaction to a line of copy that probably took all of 10 seconds to write and a tweet that took a minute.

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