What Can An Urban Safeway Look Like?

That’s one example at the left there. It’s in the heart of Vancouver’s Davie Village.

I’m a fan, personally. The design looks cool on its own and works well with the neighborhood. In fact, a similar design wouldn’t be that far off from what we’ve got already.

Something to keep in mind while the Cathedral Village is looking at a new Safeway of their own.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

5 thoughts on “What Can An Urban Safeway Look Like?”

  1. Safeway probably knew that in any other part of Regina we’d accept the prior suburban design without so much as a whimper. We love to embrace mediocre design, as long as it is said to generate economic development. They got the Cathedral neighbourhood wrong. Might have to pony up and give it something cooler like in Davie Village.

  2. That’s not the Davie Village, it’s the one at the corner of Robson and Denman St.

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