One group that has been conspicuously quiet during the bring-back-the-Jets campaign has been Thin Ice, (Amazon) the Winnipeg civic group who campaigned against any deal, using civic or provincial money, to save the Jets or build a new Hockey arena to replace the Winnipeg Arena. There’s always been a divide in Winnipeg society between those who blame this group for the Jets’ departure and those who blame Garry Bettman and the National Hockey League (Disclaimer: I’m very much in the latter camp, as there’s evidence everywhere that Bettman would have moved the Jets out of Winnipeg even if Jesus Christ appeared in front of the moving vans wearing a Teemu Sellane jersey).

So it’s interesting to note that nobody covering this story in the national media, or in Manitoba, has bothered to contact anyone who was involved with Thin Ice in 1996 for their opinions on the Thrashers’ move to Manitoba. Sights of people celebrating the return at Portage and Main — or at Fort of the Forks — especially when it’s almost certain that the same people who are the happiest about the Jets’ return won’t have the corporate connections or the cash to buy tickets (Winnipeg Sun) isn’t news after the first half hour or so. Getting the other side’s opinion … now that would be news.

News, remember that? Oh, never mind.